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Studio Sustain is a collective focused on delivering sustainable materials solutions to the apparel industry.


Based in Melbourne, we are your gateway to a future that includes transitioning sustainable ingredients into your product development practice, thereby catering to the growing consumer demand for ethical and sustainable apparel.


Our team specialises in sourcing and converting conventional material into sustainable material, and incorporating processing that reduces water, energy, and chemical consumption, with an emphasis on fulfilling verification requirements. 

Working in partnership to tailor material solutions specific to your business costing requirements.


We know sustainable materials, and we know the apparel industry.


We bring over 20 years of expertise in the Australian and international apparel industry to your business. Our team has worked extensively with global brands and retailers providing sustainable material sourcing, trend forecasting, product development, cost engineering, and vendor relationship management.




Please contact Studio Sustain to begin the journey that prioritises sustainable material fibre conversion.

Mob: +61 414 230 666

Fairfield, VIC 3078, Australia

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